GPU Miner Software

ePIC Boost Miner is designed to work with SAPPHIRE’s RX 570 16GB Blockchain Graphics Card to mine Grin Coins. Taking advantage of the full 16GB of GPU memory, you can expect 2X mining performance over conventional 8GB RX580/570 with 0.99 fidelity. Please note that other GPU Mining Software is also available and can be used to mine Grin Coin on the RX 570 16Gb card, however.

Please read carefully the system and configuration requirements before using the ePIC Boost Miner software.

Reference performance:

Driver C29 Average C31 Average C32 Average Power Consumption
RX 570 16GB Blockchain ROCM 2.06 0.47 0.1 C29: 163W
C31: 195W
C32: 125W
AMD GPU Pro(OpenCL) 1.63 0.42 0.1 C29: 135W
C31: 180W
C32: 125W

*Note: The reference performance is validated on a platform based on Intel®Core™ i5 8400 and ePIC Boost Miner V1.0. The platform supports PCI Express 3.0 with Atomics. The graph rate number listed is the average number of a 10 minute record. Performance and power consumption may vary depending upon your system configuration. Your performance in mining conditions may differ substantially depending on your system, network difficulty, internet connection and other factors.

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